Insurance Tips California Homeowners at risk because of Insurance Policy Misunderstandings

Imagine a worse case scenario situation where there’s a massive earthquake and your house crumbles, taking with it everything you have worked for and treasured. You call your insurance company so you can start to rebuild your life and instead of being guided through a claims process, you are instead informed that your California homeowners policy does not cover damage caused by earthquakes and you are left with nothing but a pile of rubble and an unpaid mortgage!

This is the situation millions of homeowners could find themselves in should the worst happen, simply because many of us don’t understand what our homeowners policy offer. Many California homeowners will presume, due to the high risk, that earthquake coverage is automatically provided, but in most cases this is sadly not the case.

Homeowners insurance can be confusing and complicated. Most people know they need it, but don’t know exactly what is and is not covered when they sign up. A recent poll suggests that four out of every ten people surveyed don’t know what their homeowners insurance policy covers. For example, more than 2 in 5 wrongly believe mold damage is covered by a standard homeowners policy. In other cases Homeowners policy holders underestimate their insurance, with 73% unaware that items stolen or damaged in a vehicle are covered. Perhaps to be taken more seriously by California homeowners, the study shows that 51% of respondents are unaware that Earthquake protection is not covered by standard California insurance policies. On the bright side, 90% of Californians do know that fire damage is covered by their homeowners policy, while 72% know lawsuits from injured visitors are also covered. However, to get the best from our policies, it is important that we understand what we are each entitled to.

There’s a lot of confusion, misunderstanding and misconceptions surrounding home insurance which could lead to serious and costly consequences. It is human nature to not want to think about the unthinkable happening, so most people buy insurance and don’t take the time to understand or update it. However, in the event of a disaster or emergency home owners may find that their insurance policies will not cover their costs and have to fork over their own money, which in turn could result in a debilitating financial situation. Even a simple case of Mold damage repair can cost tens of thousands of dollars.

While Californian homeowners must take some responsibility in knowing what is and isn’t covered by their insurance policy, insurance is not typically expressed in a way easily understood by the general population. It is in the homeowner’s best interest to protect themselves, their properties and possessions. Unfortunately the only way to effectively do this is to take the time to read and understand your insurance policy documents and if you have any questions or doubts to contact your insurance company and get a confirmation (preferably in writing) as to what is and is not covered. The better prepared you are, the less likely you’ll get any nasty surprises.

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My Insurance Company Insures My Handbag Collection

I’m a fashionista with a passion for purses, in fact, I collect them. To many ladies, a bag is nothing more than a receptacle for used tissues, old receipts and a dog-eared paperback book that only gets read in the doctor’s waiting room, but to me, a ladies handbag is a masterpiece of beauty and functionality. Now, you may think it odd that I would want to insure something as apparently unimportant as a collection of handbags but I’ve got a reason for this. And before you ask, indeed, I do have life insurance cover because, even though I value my handbags, they are by no means more important than my existence.

I don’t buy many handbags and will save for years just to be in the fiscal position to buy one, but the point is, the bags I acquire have designer labels and are extremely precious. In addition to what it initially cost me to buy the hand bags I possess in my personal collection, there’s the additional value which derives from all of them being restricted edition originals. My purses are rare, particularly the antique ones, and that’s why I’ve covered every one of them. Now, you may even think it strange that an insurance company might even want to provide insurance for women’s purses, but they actually do, and for good cause.

If you are not convinced that handbag insurance is necessary then picture this situation: You’re in your car waiting at the traffic light and your purse is on the floorboards of the passenger area of the car. All of a sudden, the passenger window smashes in a spray of glass and a hand reaches in and grabs your purse. The authorities are not currently there to apprehend the fleeing offender. You feel and dazed and then stunned as it dawns on you that numerous items of critical significance to you are inside that bag! Your identification papers, your house keys, the cash you drew to pay the telephone account, your Blackberry, and your wallet with all your bank cards, to mention just a few. All of your precious belongings are gone! Without a doubt, it is entirely possible that you could, at some stage in your lifetime, end up in the predicament of getting had your purse taken. Then there is the chance of your handbag becoming lost or destroyed. The insurance industry understands this, which explains why you are likely to easily come across an insurance company that will assure your bag. The bag on its own might not be of anything apart from sentimental worth to you however its contents are another issue.

You might not be able to avoid the distress of losing precious items like bank cards and id books, yet you can certainly decrease the expense of replacing the valuables in your handbag if it’s insured. Handbag insurance is not very costly and you might even discover that your insurance company already makes provision for it as a portable possession on your current insurance policy. An important point to observe, however, is the fact that mobile phones, global positioning devices, and expensive designer sunglasses or prescribed spectacles are usually not covered by handbag insurance and will have to be insured separately.

General Insurance Companies In India – An Excellent Introduction

The full basic Insurance carriers In India business was nationalised by Authorities of India (GOI) with the General Insurance plan Small business (Nationalisation) Act (GIBNA) of 1972. 55 Indian insurance firms and 52 other basic insurance coverage operations of other firms were nationalized through the act.

In India, insurance features a deep-rooted heritage. Insurance in numerous types continues to be pointed out during the writings of Manu (Manusmrithi), Yagnavalkya (Dharmashastra) and Kautilya (Arthashastra). The basic foundation of the historical reference to insurance coverage in these ancient Indian texts is identical i.e. pooling of sources that might be re-distributed in times of calamities including hearth, floods, epidemics and famine. The early references to Insurance policies in these texts has reference to maritime trade financial loans and carriers’ contracts.

The overall Insurance policies Corporation of India (GIC) was shaped in pursuance of Part 9(1) of GIBNA. It had been integrated on 22 November 1972 underneath the companies Act, 1956 to be a non-public company restricted by shares. GIC was shaped to manage and run the enterprise of common insurance in India.

The GOI transferred every one of the assets and functions from the nationalized typical insurers to GIC along with other public-sector insurance providers. Following a process of mergers and consolidation, GIC was re-organized with four entirely owned subsidiary corporations: Nationwide Insurance policies Enterprise Confined, New India Assurance Corporation Minimal, Oriental Insurance plan Business Confined and United India Insurance coverage Enterprise Limited.

GIC and its subsidiaries had a monopoly to the common insurance policy enterprise in India right until the landmark Insurance plan Regulatory and Improvement Authority Act (IRDA Act) of 1999 came into result on 19 April 2000. This act also amended the GIBNA Act and Insurance Act of 1938. The act as well as the amendments finished the monopoly of GIC and its subsidiaries and liberalized the insurance coverage small business in India.

In November 2000, GIC was renotified as India’s Reinsurer, but its supervisory purpose about its subsidiaries was ended. This was adopted because of the Common Insurance coverage Company (Nationalisation) Modification Act of 2002. Coming into influence from 21 March 2003, this modification ended GIC’s function as a keeping enterprise of its subsidiaries. The possession on the subsidiaries was transferred into the Government of India, which in turn divested its stake while in the companies through listings on Indian inventory exchanges.

Consequently of such reforms, GIC became the only Re-Insurer in India, and it is now called GIC Re. Indian insurance firms are needed by regulation to cede 10% of each policy price to GIC Re, subject matter to some constraints and exceptions. GIC Re has diversified its functions and is particularly now emerging being an significant Re-Insurer in SAARC nations, Southeast Asia, Center East and Africa. GIC Re has also expanded its global operations as a result of branches in London and Moscow.

GIC Re contains a rating of A- (Fantastic) from the. M. Best for its fiscal energy.

Car Insurance for Your BMW i Series – Introducing Packages from BMW Insurance

BMWs are often expensive and fairly prestigious vehicles to own, so you will likely want to make sure that you take out a suitable insurance policy to protect your purchase. BMW itself also provides a range of financial services, including insurance products designed specifically with BMWs in mind. While you will likely be able to find cheaper insurance packages elsewhere, particularly if you use the price comparison websites, taking out an insurance policy with BMW itself presents a number of advantages.

BMW Insurance currently offers several insurance policies designed exclusively for BMW vehicles. Alternatively, if you want to find the cheapest car insurance for your BMW, you may want to take a look at any of the financial comparison websites to get quotes sent to you online. With any insurer, premiums will vary depending on a number of factors, such as the insurance group of your car, your age and level of experience, where you live and what you use the car for.

The following takes a look at the policies specifically tailored to the BMW i range of cars. These include all modern electric cars manufactured under this sub-brand since 2011. BMW provides similar policies for all of its other new cars.

BMW FlexiMile Insurance

These policies are available exclusively for all electric BMW vehicles. These policies allow you to save a considerable amount of money on your insurance premiums due to the fact that they are based on low annual mileages up to a maximum of 5,000 miles. Using a special device installed for free in your vehicle, your distance travelled will be tracked, and you will be kept up-to-date on your mileage. The policy is completely flexible, so you will not actually need to restrict yourself to driving less. However, any extra miles will mean added costs to your insurance premiums, since you will be charged on a per-mile basis. For those who do not drive very much or plan to use their BMW only as a second car, these policies can save you quite a lot of money. Others may find it more cost-effective to switch to their standard comprehensive insurance policy.

7-Day Complimentary Insurance

This policy is a comprehensive one offering coverage for third party liability, theft, fire and damage. This policy is available to any BMW cars of the ‘i’ series. This policy allows you to get coverage for your car on the day that you buy it. It is primarily available through BMW dealers themselves, and as with all of their insurance policies, it is underwritten by Allianz Insurance.

BMW Shortfall Insurance

This insurance package provides comprehensive coverage whereby you will be paid the full amount you paid for your car in the first place in the event that it is written off in an accident. BMW Shortfall insurance is the company’s premium car insurance package, tailored to minimize the financial risk taken on your part. You can choose your own level of coverage, and the policy will pay any difference between the settlement figure and the invoice price of the vehicle. If you purchased your BMW on finance, the policy will pay the outstanding finance amount instead.