My Insurance Company Insures My Handbag Collection

I’m a fashionista with a passion for purses, in fact, I collect them. To many ladies, a bag is nothing more than a receptacle for used tissues, old receipts and a dog-eared paperback book that only gets read in the doctor’s waiting room, but to me, a ladies handbag is a masterpiece of beauty and functionality. Now, you may think it odd that I would want to insure something as apparently unimportant as a collection of handbags but I’ve got a reason for this. And before you ask, indeed, I do have life insurance cover because, even though I value my handbags, they are by no means more important than my existence.

I don’t buy many handbags and will save for years just to be in the fiscal position to buy one, but the point is, the bags I acquire have designer labels and are extremely precious. In addition to what it initially cost me to buy the hand bags I possess in my personal collection, there’s the additional value which derives from all of them being restricted edition originals. My purses are rare, particularly the antique ones, and that’s why I’ve covered every one of them. Now, you may even think it strange that an insurance company might even want to provide insurance for women’s purses, but they actually do, and for good cause.

If you are not convinced that handbag insurance is necessary then picture this situation: You’re in your car waiting at the traffic light and your purse is on the floorboards of the passenger area of the car. All of a sudden, the passenger window smashes in a spray of glass and a hand reaches in and grabs your purse. The authorities are not currently there to apprehend the fleeing offender. You feel and dazed and then stunned as it dawns on you that numerous items of critical significance to you are inside that bag! Your identification papers, your house keys, the cash you drew to pay the telephone account, your Blackberry, and your wallet with all your bank cards, to mention just a few. All of your precious belongings are gone! Without a doubt, it is entirely possible that you could, at some stage in your lifetime, end up in the predicament of getting had your purse taken. Then there is the chance of your handbag becoming lost or destroyed. The insurance industry understands this, which explains why you are likely to easily come across an insurance company that will assure your bag. The bag on its own might not be of anything apart from sentimental worth to you however its contents are another issue.

You might not be able to avoid the distress of losing precious items like bank cards and id books, yet you can certainly decrease the expense of replacing the valuables in your handbag if it’s insured. Handbag insurance is not very costly and you might even discover that your insurance company already makes provision for it as a portable possession on your current insurance policy. An important point to observe, however, is the fact that mobile phones, global positioning devices, and expensive designer sunglasses or prescribed spectacles are usually not covered by handbag insurance and will have to be insured separately.