How To Take The Stress Out Of Moving House

In terms of stress and anxiety, psychiatrists claim moving house is actually on par with getting divorced and experiencing bereavement! But some of the strain can be avoided by planning properly. If you organise yourself weeks before the move, your chances of having a smooth ride on the big day increase dramatically!

Packing all your belongings to move house can easily turn into a nightmare if you’re not organised and prepared. It can take a whole day to pack up a room full of belongings and furniture, so plan in advance and draw up a schedule of what you want to complete to give yourself targets. Packing all of your belongings can seem daunting but don’t struggle on your own; get your family and friends to help you out!

Ensure you have enough packing materials to carry all your stuff, as realising you don’t have enough boxes to carry everything is a sure fire way to increase stress levels on the big day! You should also make sure the containers you use are of good quality as old cardboard boxes have a nasty habit of splitting open at just the wrong moment!

First of all you should try and pack things that you don’t use regularly. As the day gradually gets closer you can begin packing the items you use more often so on move day you should just be able to quickly grab your last few belongings. By the time you’ve finished packing everything it will be nearly impossible to remember the specific items that are stored in each box. So clearly label each one as you fill it. This will make it easier to unpack at the other end as your removal team will know which room to put each box in.

The Garden
If you’re selling your house and you’ve got garden plants you are taking with you, you need to notify your buyers during the conveyancing process.

Before you pack the plants, leave them to dry outside so that the soil won’t be wet when the plants are packed with the rest of your stuff. If your plants are stored in breakable pots put newspaper around the pots to ensure they stay safe during the journey. Leaving the lid off the container your plants are stored in will help prevent anyone putting anything on top of them and will also ensure they get some fresh air and light while they’re in transit.

Filing old paperwork is no-one’s idea of fun but before you move it’s really important. Making sure you’ve securely stored and transported paper work related to your mortgage, car insurance, home insurance etc, will help you avoid falling victim to identify theft as your documents are less likely to fall into the wrong hands. It’s also a good idea to shred documents related to your old home that you don’t need anymore; as ripped up documents can still be pieced together once they’ve been thrown out.

If you’re going to move yourself using a hired van, work out how many trips back and forth you’re going to have to make. Once you know how many journeys you’ll be doing, you can plan your time on the day more accurately. Also if you’re going to have to travel through a city or town centre to get to your new home, think about how the traffic could disrupt your journey.

Children and pets
If you have children or pets it’s a good idea to organise somewhere for them to be looked after for the day, as they can often get in the way and make the whole process more chaotic. For children, moving can be quite traumatic, especially if they’ve lived in the same house for all or most of their lives. Try to ease their worries and concerns before the big day to minimise the impact the process will have on them. Keep reminding them about their new home and plan some treats once everything is unpacked to raise their spirits.

Cats and dogs become very attached to their familiar surroundings and will need extra attention and care to get used to their new home. On the moving day you should add a tag to their collar with your new phone number and mobile number. If they escape during or shortly after the move this information will make it easier for a stranger or the authorities to return them to you. If your pets have identifiable microchips make sure these are updated by your vet as soon as possible.

Try and stay relaxed!
Which ever way you look at it, moving house is a big deal but it shouldn’t be as stressful as a divorce or bereavement! If you don’t leave everything to the last minute and plan in advance the experience can run smoothly. The key to good planning is pre-empting everything that could happen to delay the process you’re trying to complete. Once you know what could go wrong you can think of solutions to overcome the delays.

Often these kinds of events are a lot easier if you’re relaxed; but if the process does end up getting stressful try to think about how much fun your house warming party is going to be, hopefully this will provide you with enough motivation to keep going!