Comprehensive and Collision Insurances

If there is something important to discuss about cars, it usually has something to do with insurance. Although some of us may consider it unnecessary, insurance is something you should never forget about. Comprehensive and collision insurances are two of the types of insurance that both offer room for savings during unfortunate car incidents.

Although one of them is not really required, drivers usually purchase both types of insurance to protect their vehicles from a wider range of situations. Comprehensive auto insurance is suggested to all drivers for situations which are not covered by collision insurance. If your car is old and potentially has a low resale value, you can probably get by without comprehensive insurance. Needless to say, any car owner cannot possibly drive a car without any insurance at all.

Getting a comprehensive insurance policy is more strictly enforced in many states compared with collision insurance. When procuring a car loan, it would be wise to consider collision and comprehensive auto insurance packages. In the unfortunate event that the car is damaged, the insurance policies should cover the repair fees. These insurance policies help protect the lending institution from fraud or abuse. Lenders require borrowers to have these insurance policies for their loan to get approved.

Of all the types of comprehensive insurance, comprehensive auto insurance offered by Dodge Edmonton dealerships is the most common. It can cover everything except collision damages. Collision insurance, on the other hand, is intended to cover multiple collisions and collision with uninsured motorists. Such insurance also includes services such as towing, storage, and salvage if the car has been badly damaged from the accident.

The standard amount of deductibles in comprehensive and collision insurance packages offered by Dodge Edmonton dealerships is $500. The insured party always requests to increase or decrease the deductibles in a case to case basis. Take note that the higher the deductible is, the lower the comprehensive insurance premium will be required.

When applying for comprehensive and collision insurance, you have to provide several pieces of information such as driver’s age, yearly mileage, area in which the car is driven, and initial value of the car. Always check the insurance policy’s fine print before signing it. You can always visit any Dodge Edmonton dealership to discuss which of the two insurance is best for your car.