Understanding Family Health Insurance

There are different types of health insurance covering all walks of life like individual, family, employees and others.

What is a Family Health Insurance?

Families are always special and they ought to have complete protection against medical emergencies. A comprehensive Family Health Insurance helps to save medical cost and complete shield to family against emergency due to an accident or sudden illness. Family members covered under Family Health Insurance are spouse, dependent parents and children of an insured.

Benefits of Family Health Insurance

During a policy period if the sum assured has exhausted as more number of people covered, the policy can be renewed at no extra cost. Health Insurance Companies cover Health check -ups, day care treatment, pre and post hospitalisation etc. A new member to the family can be added anytime during the policy period and in case of death of family member others can avail same benefits and health cover without any hindrances.

A lump sum cash benefit is paid upon being diagnosed for a critical illness such as first heart attack, cancer kidney failure and others as well. If a family member covered under Family Health Insurance has to travel aboard for treatment, Health Insurance Companies bear all the expenses like travelling cost, cost of treatment abroad and expenses incurred by the person accompanying the insured. Cashless hospitalisation are very helpful if case of unforeseen medical uncertainties.

Common exclusions of a Family Health Insurance

Health Insurance Companies do not cover any pre-existing injuries or illness. Any diseases diagnosed within 1 month from the date of commencement of policy are not included. Only injuries due to accidents are covered within 1 month. Medical expenses due to self inflicted injury or attempt to suicide are not covered. Dental treatments, cost of contact lens are not part of Family Insurance Plan. Cost of treatment incurred due to consumption of alcohol or drugs are not born by the Health Insurance Company.

Lump sum cash benefit covering a critical illness is paid only once in life to spouse or an individual after waiting period 3 months or survival period of 1 month is met under Family Health Insurance. Children are not covered for critical illness by the Family Health Insurance.

Family member are engaged any of dangerous sporting and sustained injuries due the sporting action is not borne by the Family Health Insurance.

Sudden Illness and expensive medical expenses of a family member can cause lot of financial liability. A well planned Family Health Insurance will help in facing medical emergencies and access to best medical treatments.

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